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Welcome to WESolutions, your trusted partner in UK Healthcare recruitment. We are always on the lookout for passionate and qualified Registered Mental health Nurses to join our dynamic team and make a difference in healthcare. If you are a supplier with top-notch nursing candidates, you've come to the right place. Submit your candidates through our page and let's work together to fill critical nursing roles across the UK.

Are you a supplier looking to submit exceptional candidates? Look no further. Submit Registered Mental health Nurses with your trusted partner in healthcare staffing.

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With a decade of experience, we've successfully assisted over 2500 nurses in finding their dream roles in the UK.

As the trusted NHS framework agency, we have a vast network of NHS and private clients across the UK. Rest assured, you're in good hands.

From visa applications and flight bookings to accommodation options and relocation packages, we handle everything to ensure a seamless transition for you.

Our commitment doesn't end with your placement. We maintain ongoing and meaningful relationships, providing support even after you've started your new role.

Operating with integrity and transparency, we prioritize respect for the nurses we work with.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools, resources, and valuable relationships, we streamline the recruitment process, enabling you to jump right into your new role without delay.

We do not charge any consultancy fees from nursing candidates, and we adhere to the WHO Guidelines of Ethical Recruitment."

Benefits of partnering with WESolutions

We are committed to maintaining a close connection with the placed candidate, ensuring their transition into their new role is smooth and hassle-free. Our dedicated team will be readily available to address any challenges or questions that may surface.

Following the interview process, if the candidate is selected, our team will take them under their wing, guiding them through the placement process. This includes comprehensive assistance with documentation, visa applications (if applicable), and all essential pre-employment checks.

As the candidate prepares to embark on their new role, we go the extra mile to assist with practical details. This encompasses facilitating flight bookings, arranging accommodations, and providing any necessary relocation support. We're here to ensure every aspect of their transition is well-taken care of.

Your partnership with WESolutions opens the door to continuous collaboration,
allowing us to collectively make a positive impact on the healthcare industry.